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Field Camp
NOTE: Field Camp is an introductory camp that must be attended by all participants of the Boys and Girls Camps. There is no application for the Field Camp.

Field camps for 2023 are scheduled for the following dates:
Girls Field Camp – June 17th, 18th
Boys Field Camp – June 24th, 25th
dano youth camp field camp
Field Camp
Field Camp is a two-day weekend camp where campers and staff get to meet each other and to learn what Dano is all about. The adventure begins in the nearby mountains in Park County. The weekend is dedicated to learning about team-work, making new friends, bonding with fellow wilderness campers and staff members through low ropes, high ropes, and bonding activities. Campers may also have the opportunity to rappel off a rocky mountain in the area, based on the time available. The final part of field camp is an overnight hike at one of the area’s high mountain peaks. Campers pack their gear, food, tents, and clothing, just like they would on the eight day trip. They hike approximately three miles to a camp site below the summit, set up camp and then climb to the summit. That night, they cook dinner on camp stoves, hang bear bags, set up tents and do everything like we will do on the eight-day trip.

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